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General rules and conditions for using the common working space

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The following terms will also apply to the provision of our services:

  • Where your purchase Monthly subscriptions, daily and short packages;
  • Where your purchase Meeting Room services, the Meeting Room terms and conditions.

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At our discretion we may refuse to register you.

By agreeing to these provisions, the user unconditionally agrees to the provisions below, has no claims and realizes that full observance of the provisions below represents the main precondition for enjoying the advantages of the working space. Otherwise, the user’s access to services may be restricted/terminated fully or partially and his/her membership may be annulled.
In accordance with the purchased package, the space/stock/equipment etc. transferred to the user/member represent the property of the company and the user /member may not have/create any rights to them, apart from using and enjoying them within the framework of the purchased package.

The concept of using the common working space implies and provides respective services to their own users in return for respective consideration, which is divided into packages of several type, respective price, which gives the user /member various types of access and services, however, the rules and conditions defined by this document shall apply to all types of user packages. Users/members of the common working space (except holders of the respective package) do not have a permanent and guaranteed individual working space. Vacancy depends on the occupancy of the common working space, number of active members and active attendance.

User/member shall be authorized to:

  • Freely use the powers granted to it within the purchased package;
  • freely use the space/stock/equipment and other property transferred to it for temporary use, as intended;
  • In case of any deficiency or delay in using the individual or common space, apply to the respective technician and receive respective assistance from them;
  • express a fair claim regarding restriction of his/her right by another user/right;
  • request information and condition about the personal information provided by him/her to the company and processed by the company;
  • during a day, receive a guest in the common working space for 30 minutes. The same restrictions/prohibitions that apply to a user /member shall apply to the guest;

User/member shall be obliged to:

  • use only authentic information and document when registering as a user/member;
  • not to create several users for the same person;
  • pay fee(s) established for the respective package in a timely manner;
  • after expiry of the purchased package, leave the individual/common working space and return the property/stock transferred to it for temporary use and make final settlement with the company;
  • in case of willingness to continue cooperation, pay the liabilities arising on the basis of using the package purchased earlier and enjoy the services defined by the new purchased package only after that;
  • take care of the individual working space and stock transferred to it;
  • when using the individual working space, observe silence and avoid using items/gadgets/equipment/stock causing noise so that other users/members are not prevented from using their own individual space;
  • comply with all lawful requests of the common working space administrator and/or technician and the requests arising out of the rules and conditions of using the common working space;
  • not to use the common working space for performance of an action prohibited by law and/or commitment of a crime;
  • not to perform an action prohibited by law and/or commit a crime in the common working space;
  • not to damage/paint the common and individual working space;
  • keep the space clean and observe general hygiene rules;
  • in case of leaving the common working space for at least 2 hours, free the individual working space from his/her personal items to allow other users/members use the above individual working space;
  • in case of leaving the common working space for up to 2 hours, the user/member shall be obliged to notify the common working space administrator thereof in advance;
  • in case of contamination by airborne disease/virus, not to appear in the common working space or take all measures necessary for avoiding other users/members infecting with airborne disease;
  • not to prevent the company from performance of its own obligations and powers, including cleaning the common working space;
  • take all other measures required for avoiding damage to the company, other users/members and/or other third persons and so that they can freely enjoy the company services within their own powers;

When using the common working space, the user/member is prohibited to:

  • speak loudly;
  • relocate the stock in the common and/or individual working space;
  • take/place food or drink (except water) near the individual working space. A respective zone is allocated for this purpose;
  • consume tobacco (in the form causing smoke/vapor);
  • take alcohol;
  • bother other users/members;
  • damage things and stock;
  • any other action/inactivity which are not defined by these rules and conditions but are clearly inconsistent and incompatible with the standards of ordinary use of common and/or individual working space; Liability:
  • In case of breach of these rules and conditions, the right of using the purchased package will be suspended or terminated for the user/member;
  • In case of termination of the right of using the services of common working space use, the user/member in breach shall lose a right to return the (unused) amount paid for the respective package;
  • The company shall not be liable for violation of the provisions defined by these rules and conditions, any unlawful action or crime committed by the user/member and the user/member in breach shall be fully liable for the damage occurring as a result of such action;
  • The company shall not be liable for the cases of damage or loss of personal items left unattended by the user/member;
  • The company shall be authorized to indemnify the damage from the amounts preliminary paid by the user/member in breach.
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